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The Relationship between School and Society Assignment

The Relationship between School and Society - Assignment Example However, time took drastic turn with the passage of time, and now an overwhelming majority of the individuals study in various schools, colleges, universities, academies and other formal educational institutions, from where the individuals seek professional education and obtain certificates and degrees in order to enter into practical life as qualified and skilled persons. Wilson (2011, p. ) is of the view that the increasing emphasis upon specific knowledge and the acquisition of credentials as the pathway for young adults seeking any hope of attaining financially rewarding occupations and navigating the existing social structure has captured the attention of the parents and students alike, which has paved the way towards the popularity of learning even in the poor and underdeveloped nations of the world. My respected parents got me admitted to a well-reputed school in the city when I was four years old. That was the institution from where I learned how to read and write.

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